Q: What is the Predicted Trades™ system?
A: Our proprietary system Predicts market maker price moves with high accuracy due to our reverse engineered algorithm on all Options contracts, Equity, and Futures to maximize profits and minimize losses. Take the guesswork out of trading!

Q: How do I see the Predicted strikes?
A: Our App is available in the Play Store with your subscription and works on both iPhone and Android providing you updated strike levels throughout the day as price action plays out. The app can be used with any trading platform you use. Read on to learn why the TD Ameritrade Think or Swim (TOS) is our preferred platform.

Q: What platform does it work with?
A: Our preferred platform is TOS since it has the ability to import a created daily link and plots levels directly on charts. It provides a great visual roadmap of support and resistance with potential targets. TOS is free to use as long as you have a few dollars in your account. It also has a paper trading account available for practice of our system.

Q: Do you have a trial?
A: Yes, every Thursday you can test the system on TOS Option charts and live trade along with our Traders in our Discord group. After joining, you can also use the App on both Equity and Futures charts.

Q: I am new to trading, would this system work for me?
A: Yes. In fact, novice traders are sometime more successful with the system since they do not need to unlearn bad habits. We also have a whole set of Indicators available at a nominal additional cost that guides you through price action.

Q: I don't trade Options, does your system help for trading Stocks and Futures?
A: Yes, our system works on Stocks and Futures to provide an amazing edge, with important levels that may see interactions. Some of our members have even passed the TopStep Trading program (learn how to become a Futures Options trader), combined with help from our System.

Q: What is the "edge" that you provide?
A: Our algorithmically calculated levels help expose key levels that Market Makers and Institutional (Big Money) Algos are buying and selling. This advantage calculates where the market may go while following price action. Calculations are run daily, provided before the market opens and refreshed throughout the day for the most up-to-date data.

Q: What else does Predicated Trades subscription service provide?
A: We provide one of the only trading rooms with experts on the mic all day every day. We explain what the market is doing, and where it could be going. You can ask any questions throughout the day, whether it is questions about the market, our system, or a specific trade you might take and we will gladly help answer them as we support your progress and learning. We also have a daily pre-market prep to get you ready for the day and educational videos along the way to support your learning.

Q: Why does your subscription service start at $150 for the lowest tier?
A: Once you learn the system, it can pay for itself in as little as one trade. And, we will help you get there! Our members consider this a huge value, even upgrading quickly once they start realizing their gains. Don’t forget about our trial service to see the value it can provide. Visit our community testimonials on our Home Page.

Q: Does the System tell us the direction when the market opens?
A: No system out there can predict direction at any moment, and anyone who claims that is misleading you. The market reacts to many triggers including news and other events that are out of anyone’s control. Our system provides key levels that the market will attempt to go up or down from. We will help you learn read price action and how to react to it daily, as it tends to move in cycles throughout the day providing multiple legs of trading.


Q: Does your system incorporate any Risk Management?
A: Yes. Our system can be loaded onto your TOS Options Charts and help measure Risk to Reward. It can help to minimize losses while maximizing profit.