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Predicted Trades

PT - Futures Strategy Class + Futures Strategy Indicators + 4 Live Trading Sessions

PT - Futures Strategy Class + Futures Strategy Indicators + 4 Live Trading Sessions

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The Predicted Trades Futures Strategy Class:

2hr Class offered once a month Live and recorded for replay. 

In this class you will learn:

  1. Brief overview of trading Futures, focused on major indexes ES, NQ, RTY
  2. Introduction to our Strategy
    1. Price action based
    2. Identify key levels and timing
    3. Risk the Wick, to Capture the Body
  3. Examples of Strategy applied to each index
  4. Deeper dive into specifics in the Strategy
    1. Understanding how to risk against the key levels and timing
    2. Key level reaction scalps
    3. Range bound conditions
    4. Signal following VS Scalping overswings
    5. Get comfortable with practice/paper 
    6. Knowing when to hold em, and when to fold em
  5. Brief overview of my experience with TopStep


The Predicted Trades Futures Strategy Indicators:

This is a collection of indicators for the thinkorswim(TOS) platform that have been very successful in helping our traders pass the TopStep Trading Combine. 

You will receive:
1. The MTF Candle Combo Study
2. The MTF Candle Combo Strategy
3. The MTF Trend Reversal Study 
4. The Candle/Trend Combo Tool

4 Live Trading Sessions:
You will have 4 one hour trading sessions with our Traders, putting the strategies that you learned in the class to work.
You can see how we execute and react in a live setting. 


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